How to create/apply a crest

How to create/apply a crest

Postby tbakke » Sun Oct 05, 2014 12:47 am

So you want to create your own guild crest?
(If you just want to know how to apply a crest on your flag etc, jump to step 9)

Step 1

First, select your image. Then use whatever program you desire to resize it to a size of 256x256 pixels.

Step 2

Make sure to save the image in the folder C:\ArcheAge\Documents\UCC\ .
The image MUST be saved as a .PNG file, and the filename MUST be ucc .

Step 3

To create a crest using your own image you need an item called a "Crest Brainstorm".
All founders should find one of these items in their founder-packs.
If you can't find it, you can buy one from the ingame marketplace. Click on the tab called "Custom" and you should find it in the top left corner for 300 "blue's".

Step 4

Now that you have your crest image and your "Crest Brainstorm", head over to a Crest Printer. You can find this machine several places ingame, but your safest guess is one of the cities.
This is the machine's interface. It comes with several default crests to choose from, but we are going to creat a personal one.

Step 5

Click your personal crest image in the bottom left corner. It should appear as the image shows. If you wish, you can add a "pattern" and change its colors. BUT.. ONLY the crest image will appear on clippers.
In this example i am going to leave the pattern blank.
Then press the button that says "Complete".

Step 6

You should now have a new item in your inventory called a "Crest Ink". This is a permanent item and will not dissapear when creating your stamp.
You can have several "Crest Ink" at the same time, so even if you change your crest later, do NOT throw this one away.

Step 7

The next item you will need is a "Memory Ink". This can be purchased from the General Merchant vendor for 10 silver.

Step 8

Right-click your "Crest Ink". This will create a "Crest Stamp". This is a one-time use item.

Step 9

To apply your "Crest Stamp", rightclick it. Then rightclick on the item you wish to apply it to.

That's it. You have now created a personalized item ingame.
Congratulations! :)
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